Recruiting New Members

Would you like to assist in seeing the International Cryptozoology Society circle the globe?
just okapi
The International Cryptozoology Museum (ICM) wishes to increase our number of members, and we wish to offer you a way to extend your membership. For every new member you refer who does join for one year or to whom you gift a new membership, your membership will be extended, for free, for six months per new member. 
Two new members whom you get to join, and you get an extra year added to your membership. And so on and so on. You are not responsible for the new members extending their membership beyond the first year. Merely get your friends and cryptozoology associates to join for one year. You earn the extension as our thanks for introducing these new members to our growing International Cryptozoology Society (ICS).
Annual memberships for $100 each, here
Lifetime memberships for $1000 each, here
All members who join as a Lifetime Member (for $1000 and above) of the ICS will be placed on our Lifetime plaque at the entrance to the ICM, no matter when they join.
Renewals will be, for this first year’s membership, due on June 1, 2017.
Thank you,
Loren Coleman, Founder and Director, International Cryptozoology Museum
Vice-President, International Cryptozoology Society
Portland, Maine